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This "trumpet" Ebony straight pipe is the diffintion of an understatement. The perfect 'pocket pipe' for the regular smoker.


Lover's pipe pouch. Holds two pipes and tobacco bag with tool pouch.


3-in-1 red wood multi-tool pipe cleaning kit.


Destroy the carbon build up in your pipe with this adjustable pipe reamer


For a unique pipe look no further than our barrel/bucket pipe. It's unique to say the least.


Classic Briarwood pipe with 10-piece cleaning tool kit. A simple design that comes in three great colors: light tan, light brown and dark brown.


Briarwood ball pipe with bubble stem. Includes: 2 Bits, Pipe Rack, Cork Knocker, Smoker's Companion, Combustion Mesh, Cloth Bag, 2 Filters, Pipe Brush, and 10 Pipe Cleaners


The complete accessories set for those who smoke both cigars and pipes. The only thing missing is a cigar cutter.


Dublin briar wood bent pipe. Comes in light wood or dark wood.


"Flat bottom pipes, make the smokin' world go round." - Freddie Mercury Jr.


This natural color Kevanzingo wood pipe, with a uniquely beautiful design, is a great addition to any pipe collector's selection. Comes with 10 additional pipe tools/accessories.